When someone you know is experiencing legal trouble, a series of events may unfold that leave you feeling worried and confused. It is difficult to know what will happen, how long it will take and what you can do about it. With some insider knowledge of what occurs following a person’s arrest, you can move forward and support your loved one with more peace of mind.

There Is Hope

When a friend is arrested, remember that his life has not come to an end. In fact, you could say that the charges against your loved one are written in sand rather than stone. One of the legal actions that will take place following an arrest is an arraignment hearing. This allows the person in question to speak up if the allegations are false. Although a trial must still take place, your friend will have the chance to defend herself. Further, it is very possible that all charges will be dropped if there is insufficient evidence or if the defendant’s attorney establishes innocence in some way. 

Another reason that you should not despair is that it may not be necessary for your loved one to spend very much time in jail leading up to the trial. Depending on the sort of crime that the arrested party is charged with, he may be able to post bail to return home until the official court date. Bail can often be very expensive, but there is always the option of looking into Lancaster County bail bonds.

You Have Rights

It is important for your friend to know that she has rights. Namely, she is guaranteed access to a lawyer, whether or not she can afford to hire one personally. In addition, arrested parties do not have to answer any questions before an attorney arrives. This can help prevent someone from unintentionally saying something incriminating. 

Be Prepared

Although people do have rights when they are arrested, it is wise to be informed of how intense this process can be. For instance, the police are permitted to not only search your friend but also to search his car or home or whatever location he is found in. Additionally, arrestees are often required to provide material such as photographs, fingerprints and even an example of their handwriting. 

Being arrested can be very frightening, both for the person being arrested and friends and family members. Even so, this process is made much less stressful when you are aware of an arrestee’s rights and understand what may happen going forward.