Making your workshop as useful as it can be doesn’t have to be hard. There are a variety of small upgrades you can do to add maximum convenience to your space. These four tips will help you stay organized and efficient.

1. Add a Magnet Board

You can easily create a magnetic board by trimming a piece of sheet metal to your desired size and mounting it to a wall. Add a magnetic notepad or a whiteboard and you’ll be able to easily take notes or jot down measurements without having to search for a piece of scrap paper. Use some heavy duty magnets to hold your often used small items, such as scissors, a multi-tool or a paint can opener. You can even get some magnetic hooks to hang smaller items such as keys.

2. Use a Flexible Work Table

You likely do much of your work on a table top, so you should make it suited to your needs as much as possible. Adding longer lengths of PVC to fit over the legs can make a table taller for you to stand at. You can also add leveling casters to a table to make it easy to move out of the way when not in use. 

3. Hang a Pegboard

pegboard can be one of the most flexible storage options in your workshop. You can add a variety of different types of hooks, shelving, and even drawers to your pegboard. You’ll always have the flexibility to move them when you need to change things up. Adding a couple of clips to hold your project plans or other important papers will let you keep those handy too.

4. Modify Your Trash Can

Add a file folder holder to the side of your trash can to hold a dust pan along with a clip to hold your broom and suddenly clean up is a breeze. You won’t have to spend time trying to find your broom and dust pan because they’ll always be conveniently attached to your clean up can. You can even toss a box of trash bags into the bottom of the barrel so that you can quickly replace the bag after removing a full one.

Your work space should be a place where you can focus on your projects and not be distracted by mess. By following these simple tips, you can add a ton of functionality to your work area without a lot of money or time.