Businesses looking for the perfect chat service to include in their website will be surprised by the number of possible chat service providers that are out there. To be able to stay competitive, chat service providers offer unique features or combinations of existing ones.

One of the most common features out there is web-based software. Technologies like an sd-wan solution can be an important part of many businesses. Delivering applications over the internet will save clients the hassle of installing and maintaining software. This feature is not possible years before, when clients have to install software on a business server. This, of course, is a clear disadvantage to smaller businesses. Today, individuals starting their own online businesses can have access to chat software for business as well. Installing a live chat support feature in a website is as easy as injecting a string of code in the web design. A web based agent dashboard is also a good feature to look for in a chat service. This will eliminate the trouble of having to install or manage another platform. With a web based agent, clients can access their chats from anywhere using any internet-capable device.

Clients must also be concerned about ease of use when looking for the right chat service. Using chat software for business must be helpful instead of bothersome. Some services have a straightforward interface but some could have menus that are not explained properly. Businesses are advised to try different services (some services offer free trials) or at least conduct some research in order to come up with the service that’s most comfortable to use.

Appearance can also make or break a customer’s experience with live chat service. Therefore, it is important for businesses to get this right. Popular chat services have various templates and colors available for the chat box. A good chat service would capture the attention of the page viewer without being too invasive. Chat boxes that blend well with the design of the page look nicer and more inviting. Some services offer movable chat windows which can be helpful for most customers. Chat representative are sometimes even allowed to upload their pictures to appear in chat windows to make chats more personal. Using stock photos of chat agents is a turn-off for some customers though, so businesses should use these at their own risk. Providers of chat software for business offer a spectrum of appearance customization, so clients must choose carefully and wisely.

When looking for the right chat software for business, it is important that clients consider and choose with their customers in mind. Some chat service could look good but would take too long to connect customers with chat representatives. Some chat service could make it possible to record chat transcripts, which is a really handy feature especially when the content of the chat is mostly instructions from the chat agent. Customers will appreciate features such as these and will be more likely to do business with the dealer again.

Most chat services also offer analytics to find the most relative visitors and initiate chats with them, which is what salespeople do in non-virtual stores. Analytics is also useful in providing chat agents with ways to engage with their customers. Some details like the weather can be utilized as topics to make chats lighter and more personal. Prank chats are to be expected, so chat service can offer blocking of certain IP addresses.

While these features can be helpful to most customers, some won’t appreciate it. Live chat service is not perfect. There are still customers who are not computer savvy and would still prefer to use the telephone. This is why e-mail or phone support must supplement chat service.