Did you know that there’s more than just standard 8.5″x11″ paper? There are a variety of types, colors and lengths to choose from and you need to know what’s best for your office to save you time and money. Here are some of the most popular paper products available for your office employees to use.

What Type of Printer is Available?

The printers Jackson MI you have in your office will determine the basic type of paper you require. If your office uses an inkjet printer, you want to have inkjet paper or copy paper as your main source of paper. For a laser printer, you will need to use laser paper or copy paper. An office that prints a large number of photos and text will want to look into printer paper, but if your office prints mostly text a cheap multipurpose paper may be the most cost-effective. There is cardstock paper, which is heavyweight if your business needs to print business cards or greeting cards.

What’s the Difference Between These Papers?

Having to choose between copy paper or printer paper may seem silly at first, but there are differences. Copy paper is thinner and less expensive than printer paper. When you’re only printing text it won’t matter very much. Once you print images, the thinner copy paper doesn’t hold up well and can result in wet, runny looking images. The choice between multipurpose paper or copy paper is an easy one, they’re basically the same when printing text. Finding your favorite multipurpose paper comes down to your own preferences for cost and weight. Choosing between laser paper and inkjet paper does depend on your printer type because each is made to favor a specific type of printing. Inkjet paper can absorb liquid well while laser paper can withstand heat.

What About Paper Weight?

Paper weight is measured in pounds or grams per square meter. This is determined by a stack of 500 sheets of 17″x22″ paper. The typical multipurpose paper weighs 20lb/75gsm. A slightly heavier paper that can be used in your office is 24lb/90gsm for higher quality printing needs. It will be smoother and slightly thicker, which looks more professional if you’re dealing with clients.

For the clearest possible printed documents that meet your needs, choose the paper that will match your printer first. Beyond that you can choose based on weight, length, width and quality.