Personal injuries happen through a variety of means to thousands regularly. No matter how you received the damage, whether it was at work, through an altercation, or via an accident, if it wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay all the resulting bills. When you’re dealing with personal injury law Orlando-located, you’ll want to work with an experienced firm that can help when the insurance company starts to play games. Here are some signs the insurance company might be starting to stall on you.

Missed Deadlines

The insurance company promised they would process your documents by a specific date, but they didn’t. When they miss the deadline, it’s their fault, not yours.

If you have sent them all of your documentation, but you haven’t received communication, it’s a red flag. To be professional and fair, sometimes losses in transmissions do happen, but they shouldn’t happen the majority of the time, nor should they happen when the insurance company is responsible for explaining something or when following through on payment.

Delayed Responses with No Proof

Whether it’s a delayed email or phone call, if the insurance company is taking forever to get back to you regularly, then this is another red flag. They may even offer up several excuses that sound legitimate: the worker in charge of that got ill, went out on vacation, there’s a backlog, they hired someone new, etc. However, the only thing you need to know is this: Can they offer concrete proof of their attempts to communicate with you? If not, it doesn’t make things look good.

Red Tape Snaffoos

The insurance company might say they need to run it by their legal department and then claim that it takes forever to hear back from them. Many law firms understand the time it can take an attorney to review a set of documents and know that it may or may not be a legit excuse. The insurance company may use any number of department reviews as an excuse for taking extra time to send you your compensation.

Claims of No Communication

Finally, the insurance company may claim they’ve received no communication from you. Thankfully, if you’re wise, you’ve kept detailed records of when and in what form you’ve made those communications. Even better, if you’re already working with a personal injury lawyer, the legal team will have proof and tracking of communications received by the insurance company. A legal team can make the insurance company stop stalling.