It’s no secret that replacing the roof is an expensive and time-consuming project for any homeowner. Thankfully, the life of your roof can be extended by utilizing a few methods that are considerably cheaper than having the entire roof replaced.

Clean the Gutters

Leaves and other types of debris can easily block gutters. When water is unable to get through the gutters, damage and leaks can occur in several areas of your home, including your roof. Make it a point to clean out your gutters regularly to prevent issues from occurring. If you’ve already got considerable damage, it may be worth having a professional inspect your gutters. In that case, consider having a gutter installation Hillsboro specialist take a closer look. 

Cut Hanging Branches

When you look around your home, take the time to cut any branches that are hanging within a dozen feet from your roof. Leaves, as well as the branches and limbs themselves, can become lodged in your gutters, clogging them and potentially causing water damage from the overflow when it rains. The closer these branches are to your roof, the more likely it is that they can cause costly issues. 

Visually Inspect the Roof

While you can’t control the weather, you can regularly assess your roof after wind, rain and snow. Shingles can become loose or damaged by the elements, causing leaks to form.

It is also essential to inspect the flashing installed on the roof. Check to be sure that the flashing is undamaged and properly covering more exposed areas of the roof, such as the perimeter of the chimney. Taking notice of these things can be the difference between replacing your roof now versus later.

Remove the Snow

If you live in an area that is prone to a good deal of snow in the winter, do your best to remove the snow as soon as you can. It’s important to remember that if the weather causes the snow to become ice, the ice can become lodged in cracks of the roof, later melting and essentially becoming a recipe for weakness and leaks.

Apply Sealant

There are a number of protective sealants on the market that are made to extend the life of the roof by providing some extra protection from severe weather as well as everyday wear and tear caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Some sealants may even provide extra defense against fire. These special coatings should be applied by a professional and reapplied every few years in order to maintain their effectiveness. 

Eliminate future headaches and protect your wallet by spending some time completing these preventive measures. Committing to a regular maintenance schedule could add years to the life of your roof.