Your landscape has a direct impact on the curb appeal of your house. However, installing and maintaining attractive land takes a lot of time and work. If you have better things to do during the weekends than maintaining your lawn, you have probably looked into hiring a landscaper. These are a few questions you should ask your prospects after you have investigated their licensing, insurance and experience.

What Services Do You Provide?

If you are looking for someone to install and maintain your lawn, bushes, flowers and trees, you probably need a company that employs both a landscaper and arborist. However, you should also ask about fertilization and pest control. If you have hardscapes, you may need to inquire about their maintenance as well.

Where Do You Get Your Plants?

Search for landscapers who purchase their plants from local nurseries. Not only will the plants be acclimated to your climate, but they should be less expensive because you won’t have to pay to ship them across the country. Plants that are not native to your area or that have to adjust to your growing conditions can weaken, making them susceptible to disease. Also, local plants are hardier, so they don’t require as much care and watering.

Can You Give Me a Time Frame?

You should also ask whether the landscaping company has the time and resources to take on your project, whether it is a simple installation or regular maintenance. Then, you should ask when your installation will be completed and how long and when your maintenance will be done. You can even ask to have your maintenance scheduled at a time during the week when no one will be bothered by the noise and any inconvenience.

Is My Vision Clear?

You should make sure that your landscaping ends up the way you envisioned. They should ask about your dream yard. You should also discuss any maintenance you are willing to complete and what maintenance you want to hire out.

Reputable landscapers should offer you drawings or graphic representations of the project. They should also clear the plants they plan to use.

What Kind of Communication Can I Expect?

If your project will take a few weeks or months, you should have an avenue of communication with the company. This is especially important if the landscapers are going to maintain your yard on a more permanent basis. Therefore, ask about their communication policies, including when and how you will be contacted.

You should also discuss who to contact if you notice anything problematic or have additional questions.

You can have the yard of your dreams without the work of installing and maintaining it when you work with reputable landscapers.