If you’re tired of hearing a never-ending chorus of “I’m bored” all summer long, then you need to come up with some creative ways to keep your kids active over vacation. Read on for a few ideas.

Continuing Education

First, you might consider enrolling your kids in summer school Redmond WA or other educational programs in your community. Summer classes tend to be more interest-based than during the regular school year, and you might be able to convince your kids to sign up for a fun science or literature or creative writing class. Check with your public library for summer reading programs, and look into community education offerings for other options.

Sports Programs

If your kids love sports, then sign them up for summer sports programs and camps. This will help them stay in shape and active. Explore the varying offerings in your community and the surrounding areas, and get your kids moving for their favorite sport or even a brand new activity that they might truly enjoy.

Arts and Crafts

Summer can also be the perfect time to broaden your children’s artistic interests. Your local theater or artists’ group might be offering everything from painting and pottery classes to acting camp. Even if formal programs aren’t available, you can provide plenty of craft activities for your kids to do at home. Get them started on scrapbooking, basic woodworking, drawing or sewing. It’ll keep them busy.

A Job

Finally, if your children are old enough, encourage them to get a summer job. For upper elementary school or junior high kids, this might mean helping you around the house, babysitting younger siblings, cousins or neighbors or mowing lawns. Older kids can find jobs in the community. You’ll be amazed how much they’ll learn about responsibility and money management (with your help, of course).

These ideas should help you eliminate the chorus of “I’m bored” during summer vacation.