There are many reasons that you might opt for a staycation this year instead of traveling to a new destination. There are many ways that you can transform your backyard into an oasis for your time off from work or any moment that you need to relax. Here are a few steps to follow to enhance this area and give it the feel of a five star resort. 

Make Your Pool Area Colorful

This area of your yard might be the simplest to give a resort feel to. Evaluate the cement or wood that encompasses it so that you can determine if you need to do any pool deck remodeling Boca Raton. Decide on the color scheme that you want to use then research lounge chairs and other furniture that contains these accents. You may want to get umbrellas for the tables to provide needed shade on a sunny day. Find something that you can keep inflatable toys in to store them away from the water. Set out towels for your guests that match the decor that you have chosen in a way that mirrors a luxury hotel. 

Find Comfortable and Fun Seating

Having a place to rest in your backyard is important when you want to relax. Finding unique options will make you feel like you are at a resort. If you have trees or a space to set poles, a popular item to consider is a hammock. You can choose a color or pattern that matches the decor that you have selected and accessorize it with a pillow or throw. Look for chairs and sofas that have an unusual look but are very comfortable to sit on. Finding matching tables will tie everything together as well as provide a place for you and your guest to set your drinks on. 

Set Potted Plants Around the Area

A yard that is sparse with vegetation can be spruced up with a few potted plants. If you wish to reimagine your tropical visit from years previous, look for selections that resemble a palm or other exotic flower. Place them on your deck, throughout your yard, or around your pool area. If you like to plant items, you can also start a garden with colorful blooms to liven up the area. Reach out to your local garden store and ask what they recommend for the setting that you are attempting to create in the space. They should be able to give you some suggestions of what you should buy.