Whether you’re planning a retirement party or a birthday party, you want to have an occasion that no one will ever forget. One of the most important aspects of planning an unforgettable party is being mindful of the location.

If you have a party with 100 people in a two-bedroom house, people likely aren’t going to be too comfortable. However, if you were to choose a dynamic location like an old theater, it could blow your guest’s minds. Here are some places that you could consider using for your next party. 

Beach House

If the weather is warm outside, consider doing North Carolina beachfront rentals. You could set tables outside, so guests can spread out and enjoy the sun. They could also play in the ocean if they wanted to.

If you or your guests have children, give the kids space a little bit away from everyone so they can play in the sand and not worry about accidentally flinging sand in someone’s face just as they’re sitting down to eat. 

Local Zoo

Many zoos allow you to rent the entire place out for either a few hours or the entire day. If people are interested in seeing different animals first, groups can break off and explore the zoo at their own pace. Then, the group can get back together for lunch. 

If you want to make it extra special, you can even arrange with the zoo staff to allow the guests to feed the animals or see parts of taking care of the animals that they might not be able to see otherwise. 

Movie Theater

If your family or friends love to see the latest movies, then having your party at a movie theater is a great choice. You can rent out small rooms in many theaters that allow you to be sectioned off yet still have a great seat to watch the movie from.

In addition to still having access to delicious movie theater popcorn and drinks, you can often purchase food from the theater or bring your own in. Some theaters even have a special room off to the side where children can gather for games and sing happy birthday. That way, they can still enjoy their party and not worry about disrupting others by being too loud. 

Haunted House

If you love scary movies, you should seek out houses in your area that are known to be haunted. Many such houses allow people to rent out their spaces for parties. You could get a tour of the space and perhaps even hold a seance. These kinds of homes often have a host on hand to fill in all your guests about the home’s creepy past.