Do you love where you live? Do you feel safe there? Many neighborhood communities are built to visually please residents, showcasing manicured lawns and freshly painted homes. But could your homeowners’ association do more for your general safety? The HOA board does have the power to look after you and your family. The following are five things they could do regularly to safeguard residents.

1. Create a Safety Committee
Many HOAs focus on following the by-laws, but they could also create a safety committee to discuss issues within the neighborhood. Ideally, this group should be looking at how to keep traffic flowing well, avoid crime and encourage people to feel safe when out and about. Together, they may bring up areas of concern and work to find a solution that could improve the community.

2. Invest in Lighting
Darkness may keep people inside, feeling awkward and unsafe. In addition, night works as a good veil for criminals or miscreant kids interested in getting away with things during evening hours. The HOA may be proactive about boosting lighting throughout the streets, making it easier to see kids riding bikes or unwanted trespassers.

3. Discuss Fire Safety Measures
Is your community easily accessible? Fire trucks require space, and, at some point, it may be necessary to have one on the premises. Encourage the HOA to evaluate whether access is clear and appropriate. In addition, they could hire professionals to complete fire flow testing, ensuring that safety equipment is functional.

4. Encourage Community Awareness
Do you know who lives around you? Being mindful of who resides on nearby streets may allow you to spot strangers easier. The HOA could host events where neighbors get together and visit. These activities could be for fun, but another perk is that people get to put faces to names,

5. Maintain Landscaping
High edges and too much greenery could mask illegal activities. The HOA may hire gardeners to clear out the overgrowth in common areas, keeping an excellent visual line. Another power the board has is to issue notices to homeowners. If someone isn’t tending to their yard, this overgrowth could signal to give criminals a place to hide.

Your HOA is there to work for the people in the community. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have safety concerns. The board members may make changes that allow you and others to feel better about your residence.