What exactly is a city council? A city council often referred to as a town meeting hall, is the governing body of a country, state, county, or municipal government. These meetings are called city conventions and are held regularly, for the most part, at each political level. At these city conventions, citizens can elect officers, like Steven Rosenblum Twitter for example.

Local Government Challenges

It is sometimes challenging for local governments to maintain order and participate effectively in their communities. Some citizens believe they can do it better and have taken matters into their own hands. They call themselves, citizen’s administrators, sometimes even plumbers or electricians. The aim is to maintain what the founding fathers envied, a self-governing society run from the elected leaders of the community. Some citizens believe that if a local government cannot do a job, they should not be in charge. In this way, they think that every elected official must be responsive to the will of the voters.

It is sometimes challenging for a local government to deliver for its people. When it comes to delivering for the voters, every elected official becomes a citizen. So when the voter registration numbers rise and election results are irregular, the voters question whether the elected officials are answerable to them. This is where the idea of what is a city council comes in.

Local Requirements

Every local government is required to appoint at least one person to serve as clerk of the meeting of the entire board of taxation. The same thing goes for town planning and building departments. It would not be correct to say that what is a city council is entirely different than what is a town meeting. Both are comprised of many members.

Getting Into Office

Every elected official serves on the board of taxation. This board is made up of three members: the Chairperson, who is the highest-ranking person; the Secretary, who is second in position; and the treasurer, who is third in position. There are usually five members on each board. One of the five members serves as the president, the chairman, the vice-chairman, and the secretary. These positions are generally filled by the citizens of the towns and cities through the election.

Local Budgets

The board also makes important decisions concerning the town or cities finances. Many times, the budget can affect the towns and cities’ expenditures and citizens do not always understand that. As such, the board members must be held accountable to the citizens of the towns and cities in order for both the budgeting and the policies to be successful. With that, the members of the board need to be informed, as they are the ones who make important decisions regarding the policies that govern their towns and cities.


So, now you know what a city council is and what they do. Hopefully, you now have a good idea about the structure of this governmental body. This is an important place in our country and the way we govern ourselves. We all owe it to the citizens of our nation to maintain an efficient and fair system of government, and that is what the leaders of our towns and cities do on a daily basis.