When a marriage dissolves, typically, one parent receives custody while the other may acquire rights to visit. In addition, the couple or a judge determines a monthly child support payment, an amount intended to maintain the children’s upbringing as best as possible. Sometimes, that cost could be hard on the parent, who may feel that changes are necessary. This isn’t unheard of and is possible if the request is made for particular reasons. The following are four common justifications for modifying child support arrangements.

1. Change in Income Status

If you or your ex-partner experiences a change in income, you may contact a Family Attorney Tampa to initiate proceedings. Be prepared to show documentation of the change in funds and explain why it is happening and if it is expected to remain that way. In addition, if your ex begins to make more money, you may be able to seek adaptations.

2. Change in Parental Employment

If you lose a job, you could fear being found delinquent in payment, work with lawyers to prove that you are not choosing the default on payments. Instead, show an effort to get employment and try to provide anything possible. A court may decide to change child support due to these circumstances.

3. Change in Parent Custody Arrangement

Often, child support is calculated based on how much one parent needs to provide living arrangements. The primary caregiver has to provide housing and pay for activities, utilities, and food. That is a great deal of income, so the cost is often higher. If you move from primary custody to joint custody, you could seek a new agreement because now both parents are paying for these needs at different times. 

Discuss with your lawyer how often you now have the kids. Note how much it costs you to afford your place and keep them in proper care. Compare this to how much you can still give to your ex. 

4. Change in Monthly Expenses

While children are expensive at any age, the costs do change depending on interests and involvement. During younger years, child support may mean paying part of the daycare. When kids hit elementary school age, that cost dramatically reduces. Hobbies may drop. Babysitters may no longer be needed. Show how lifestyle changes are grounds for reducing the monthly stipend.

Child support may seem permanent, but it could be amended. Show legal and proper grounds for requesting changes, and action may occur.