Every driver stands a chance to be in a car accident. An average driver who got a license at age 16, for instance,  is likely to be involved in a total of three to four accidents. It’s no surprise that road crashes are still the leading cause of death in the US for people aged 1-54. Sadly, 100,000 people lose their lives while 4.4 million get severely injured due to car accidents. Consider this and all the cost implications associated with accidents, then you’ll agree that every driver should have an accident lawyer.

Here are 5 ways a car accident lawyer can help you:

1. A car accident lawyer helps you obtain fair compensation

In a situation where a drunk driver crashes your car and leaves it damaged. Or, leaves you with incapacitated injuries that may require medical assistance, a car accident lawyer can assist you to recoup those costs. 

2. A car accident lawyer can negotiate with your insurance company

Negotiating a fair settlement with an insurance company can be a monumental task, especially if an accident has harmed you physically and emotionally. A car accident lawyer can step in and communicate with the other driver’s insurer, and make sure that you are compensated the right amount of money.

3. A car accident lawyer can file your court case

In a situation where you need to take another driver to trial, a car accident lawyer will be there for you. A lawyer will help you to obtain the necessary evidence that you can use in court. From medical records, police records, and bills; your lawyer will methodically build your case for you. Apart from that, a car accident lawyer conducts depositions and request records, and give you legal advice about what you should do or say. 

4. A car accident lawyer will organize and present evidence

If you have a good car accident lawyer on your side you don’t need to worry about organizing and presenting evidence. A car accident lawyer will do it for you. If a driver you are taking to court also has a lawyer, your lawyer and the other lawyer will face off in court. And if there are any testimonies from witnesses, your car accident lawyer will collect them.  

5. A car accident lawyer can choose instead of a trail

Over 90% of car accident injuries are resolved through settlements instead of a trial. Throughout the negotiations, your car accident lawyer will represent you to ensure that you get a fair settlement. Here’s how this normally unfolds: your car accident lawyer will propose an initial amount from a liable party. Then they will meet with your car accident lawyer to find common ground. Typically, the lawyer of the liable party is likely to try to lower the amount – and of course, expect them to substantiate their claims with evidence. So, if you have a seasoned car accident lawyer he will squash all those claims and make sure that you emerge as a winner.

Looking for a car accident lawyer you can trust?  Be sure to do your research and read reviews to narrow down the best car accident lawyer to help you with your case.