There are so many things to remember when you decide to relocate, whether it is across the country or just down the street. Here are five items that should be included as you plan your move.

1. Write It Down

Changing residences can be one of the most stressful times of your life — there might be moments when you don’t remember your own name! If you have a plan that is written and can be referred to by yourself and those assisting you, it will help everything go smoothly. This goes beyond your packing checklist. This is a shared digital file or printed notebook that will include contact information, your weekly plan leading up to your move, and a basic floor plan of your new home.

2. Ask for Help 

If you are moving nearby, you might want to ask friends and family to help you take several trips back and forth with smaller items. Boxes, bins, lamps, bedding, clothing and dishes can all be safely placed in a small van or the back seat. Reserve a truck for one day to pack your large furniture, appliances and mattresses. Have a group lined up that can help for a few hours. If you are heading across the country, consider hiring a company that can assist you with your relocation.

3. Declutter While You Pack

Weeks ahead of your move, you can begin to sort through items you don’t regularly use. Ask yourself if this is an object you have used in the past year. Do you really want to keep it? Have a donation box where you can place those items that can bless someone else’s life. There will be some objects that just need to be thrown away. 

4. Don’t Forget Yard Items

Will you need your mower and snowblower in your new home? What will you do with the swing set and trampoline? If you need, you can order trampoline replacement parts that are lost or worn. If you will have a place for a garden, be sure to bring your rakes and shovels with you. 

5. Label Your Boxes

There are several systems available for purchase that can help you organize as you pack. There are colorful stickers and pre-printed labels. The main thing to remember is to label the outside of each box. Write which room the items belong in at your new house and that is where the box will be placed. 

Once you get through your move, you will enjoy putting your feet up in your new home.