When you’re injured at work, you’re frustrated by the accident and focused on the pain. However, to ensure that you receive fair treatment, as soon as you’ve received first aid, take these steps.

Notify Your Supervisor

You don’t know how long your injury will last or how much work you’ll miss taking care of it. As soon as possible, write your boss an email or note explaining how you got hurt. If you don’t do this within 30 days, you may not be eligible for payments from the Workers’ Compensation Board. Respond to follow-up questions from your supervisor, but if you think he or she is trying to take away some of your rights, meet with a personal injury defense lawyer Houston TX immediately.

File Form C-3

Form C-3 is the application for workers’ compensation benefits. If you receive approval for this form, you give up the right to sue your company, even if you find out later that your boss was negligent. However, in return, you receive money that replaces your wages and covers your hospital bills until you can go back to work. 

Watch Out for Recurring Injuries

Some injuries seem to be healed right away but leave behind long-lasting trauma. Attend all follow-up appointments recommended by your health care provider, and ask about symptoms you should watch for. For example, people who have brain trauma don’t always exhibit symptoms immediately, but later they have blurry vision and are confused or unable to concentrate. Similarly, go to all physical therapy sessions prescribed by your doctor. Most workers’ compensation programs cover this service, which is crucial to your full recovery.

Stay Vigilant

Once you get back to work, it’s important to watch out for the same conditions that caused your accident. If you can remember the incident, figure out if there’s a way to complete that task more safely. Volunteer to hold safety training for your workplace since it’s easy to become complacent about safety if you haven’t had an accident. Educate your coworkers about workers’ compensation and their rights if they get injured at work so that people have an easier time than you did.

By taking these steps after you’re injured at work, you ensure that your immediate needs are met and that you regain your health as quickly as possible. You also help reduce the number of future accidents, making your workplace safer and healthier.