A couple planning to marry in the Cayman Islands must follow the local laws regarding the process, location, and documents. This article covers the requirements, Locations, and Officiants. It will help you prepare for your wedding and avoid any pitfalls. Read on for more information! After reading this article, you will be well on planning your dream wedding in the Cayman Islands.

Documents needed

If you plan to marry in the Cayman Islands, you must obtain all necessary documents. Getting married legally requires an interview with the marriage officiant, an original passport, and proof of immigration status. You must also bring any other relevant documents with you. Be sure to present all documents in English and have all copies certified by a Notary Public. For residents, you must get married at a Marriage Office or Civil Register office. The marriage officiant will then post Banns for three months before the wedding, so be sure to have these documents with you.

You will need a Registered Marriage Certificate and a legal document to get married in the Cayman Islands. You can obtain this from the General Registry, as well as from a Civil Registrar or a Marriage Officer through the church. Your marriage certificate will have a secure copy on the reverse side with the details of the marriage, the Coat of Arms of Cayman, and the raised seal of the Registrar General. You should keep your marriage certificate safe and organized with other vital documents.


Are you planning to get married in the Cayman Islands? Consider the different beautiful wedding venues in Grand Cayman –  Cayman Islands . The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory with a distinctly Caymanian and Caribbean feel. Getting married in this destination will make you feel like royalty, and you’ll enjoy the traditional hospitality that makes the island unique. In addition, the Cayman Islands are home to world-famous attractions, including the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, the historic town of Georgetown, and upscale Camana Bay.

There are many beautiful locations to choose from when planning a wedding in the Cayman Islands. One popular location is Seven Mile Beach, which is open to the public and allows for an intimate wedding. Remember, however, that you must have two witnesses of legal age, or you’ll be charged with violating Cayman Islands law. For instance, you can’t have your wedding underwater – you must have a ceremony above the water.


If you’re getting married in the Cayman Islands, the first step is to look for an officiant. There are plenty of them available on St. Croix, and they can make recommendations once you have the date of your wedding set. Alternatively, you can seek assistance in choosing an officiant. Listed below are some standard requirements for officiants. If you have any questions, contact the General Registry.

For resident couples, they must first obtain a Marriage License (Banns) from the Civil Registrar, who will then publish the Banns for seven days before the ceremony. This gives people time to object to the marriage and make their wishes known. For non-residents, a Governor’s Special Marriage Licence must be obtained. These can usually be arranged upon arrival.


A Civil Registrar or Marriage Officer can help you complete the process of getting married legally in the Cayman Islands. A civil registrar can help you fill out a notice of marriage, which will be published seven business days before your wedding. Banns will last for three months. The marriage celebrant will sign three documents before the ceremony: a copy of the couple’s passport, the marriage certificate, and a certified copy of their immigration ticket.

Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll need to show your proof of identity, including a passport, original or certified copy of a birth certificate, driver’s license with photo ID, or the Cayman Islands International Embarkation/Disembarkation card. In addition, a second witness must be at least eighteen years old, and marriage must occur between 6 and 8 pm.