Good neighbors are worth keeping. Although it is not always easy to share fences, you can maintain positive relations with your neighbors by acting in ways that show respect for them. Conversely, you can drive a wedge between your metaphorical yards or walls by being insensitive to their spaces and needs. Because you want to keep the peace between you and your neighbor next door or down the hall, follow these rules for block etiquette.

Look-Out for Each Other

Now, as in the past, good neighbors want to know they can rely on each other in an emergency. Do not just pay lip service to this concept, but be proactive in your efforts. Consider ways you can look after each other when away or at a moment’s notice:

  • Bring in the mail
  • Tend to the pets
  • Water the lawn
  • Take out the garbage

Also, consider how you will deal with unexpected emergencies. For example, give each other a key code for when the stove may be left on, or have extra auto keys Orlando made for when you forgot to move the car before the street sweeper comes by.

Keep Down the Noise

It is amazing how easily sounds travel, and how intrusive even moderate noises can be. Be aware of your neighbors’ schedules, and work around them when you must do construction or yard work; mostly, follow traditional conventions. In other words, do not run a gas mower under their window early in the morning or hammer nails into a shared wall late at night. If you have a big project on the horizon, let your neighbors up and down the block or hallway know; they may not love the disruption, but at least they recognize your consideration.

Keep up Appearances

You should definitely work to keep your house and yard from being a blight on the neighborhood. You may be wondering, how much does lawn care cost? Lawn mowing and maintenance cost breakdown can be found from reputable companies online. Everyone on the block not only wants to keep property values high, but they also appreciate seeing a well-maintained house when they stroll up and down the street. After all, imagine how you may feel if you worked all day on maintaining your space, then having to stare at another rundown property the rest of the week.

It does not take a great deal of effort to be neighborly. On the other hand, you may have to work hard to repair the damage if interactions become strained. Putting in that little effort can help you sleep better at night knowing you and all of your neighbors have each others’ backs.