As a brick-and-mortar business, getting people in your door means sales and visibility for you. What if that door helped draw people into your establishment? What if it saved you money and made your business safer? An automatic door versus a manual door could be the difference between a new customer and a vaguely interested passerby.

Removing Obstacles

Sometimes, manual doors are too cumbersome for a customer to operate. Whether it is a heavy, ornate door like the bronze doors New York boasts or the individual operating the door is differently-abled, an automatic door is an excellent option to remove any barriers for your prospective consumers. Most automatic swing doors come equipped with a large button to easily trigger the opening mechanism. Not only does this provide a simple, but greatly valued service to your customers, but it also tells the world you are accommodating people of all ability levels.

Catching Their Eye

With state-of-the-art sensors, a person walking by easily triggers many automatic doors. They glance at your window displays and before they know it they are being invited in by sliding doors that allow your store to welcome them in warmly. Let your doors do the work of drawing people to you.

Ensuring Safety and Protection

With an automatic door, you don’t have to worry about a door slamming shut on a customer. With built-in safeguards, doors are prevented from closing in on a person strolling through them or they close gently to allow a walker to make their way in, unharmed. They also improve the overall security of your establishment, not to mention the sanitary aspect of not having to touch the door to open it.

Saving Space

When your entryway is narrow, having a manual door swinging into that space making it even smaller is not ideal. An automatic sliding, or even revolving, door can alleviate this pain point for your business’s storefront. No more will customers or clients feel squeezed as they enter or exit your building.

Conserving Energy

You may wonder, “how does an automatic door conserve more energy than a manual door using no power?” The answer is in your air conditioning bill. With an automated mechanism operating the door, you can be sure that in the winter months the warm air will stay inside and the cold air in the summer.

The benefits of automatic doors are many. It is worth the time to look over your budget and see how you can incorporate them into your business today