One of the benefits of online registration is its efficiency. It cuts down on time spent on managing events by eliminating the need to send out registration forms and communication with attendees. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to print out reports and handle refunds by hand. Besides, there is less risk of errors when using an online system. 

Create surveys

Email marketing and survey creation can create an impressive meeting experience. One of the ways to do this is to use Aventri, which integrates with registration and email marketing. Aventri allows you to create surveys for specific groups of attendees. Aventri also enables you to distribute surveys to particular attendees. For example, you will send your survey directly to those people who are registrants. You can easily customize the study to suit the specific needs of your conference attendees.

The survey can be a form placed on the event registration page and gather anonymous questions from attendees. The responses to the survey can be used as a guide to improving the event each year. Separating the survey questions into different sections can reduce the chances of abandonment. This way, you can save the company budget for other marketing campaigns and invest it where it will have the most significant effect. For example, if you are holding a conference, you can use survey responses to improve the event every year.

Get to know your registrants better.

When registering your attendees for an online conference, one of the first things you should consider is how you interact with them. If you have an online conference registration form, include personal details such as name, email address, and phone number. If you can, use short questions related to the conference and make it easy for registrants to complete the form. Also, try to make registration easy on mobile devices. Mobile registration is an effective way to increase ticket sales. You can personalize the experience by encouraging registrants to register using mobile phones.

Increase speakers’ reach

You can create an online conference registration form on your website to increase the number of potential attendees at your event. Your website is probably your biggest asset, so it is worth including a CTA. A CTA can be a pop-up, menu item, or banner. Similarly, you can consist of a short form on a blog article to tap an audience interested in thought-leadership content and industry trends.

Promote the event on social media. Social media is an excellent way to reach a global audience. Ensure that your speakers’ profiles are as compelling as possible. Publish a list of attendees, run a contest, or create giveaways that will make your event even more appealing. If possible, embed a call-to-action button on your registration page. Moreover, share the event registration page and its post on social media.

Reduce cancellations

Organizers can reduce conference cancellations by offering advance payments for attendees who cancel less than two weeks before the conference. The ACL membership fee, however, is nonrefundable and cannot be refunded. Therefore, this type of advance payment can relieve the financial burden of the conference organizers while at the same time reducing the stress of ECRs. In addition, many organizations do not have policies to address large-scale cancellations, so offering advance payments for attendees can help minimize financial stress.

In addition to preventing cancellations, event organizers should remember that they may need to cancel their events for various reasons. For example, refunding attendees in full will help maintain their trust and encourage them to register for future events if the event is canceled for any reason. In addition, event payment processors should make issuing automatic refunds easy. Event organizers can quickly issue refunds if any attendee cancels using the payment processing system.

Improve face-to-face engagement

You need to think outside the box when you want to increase face-to-face engagement with your conference. Online conference registration can boost face-to-face meetings. However, engaging your attendees in real-time is impossible in a virtual setting. This type of engagement requires creativity and event technology, such as mobile event apps. With some planning, you can increase engagement by incorporating interactive features into your virtual conference registration.

You can create games and challenges during the conference if you want to boost engagement with your virtual event. You can play these games in a chat room or virtual event hub page. Online games can also keep attendees engaged, such as trivia questions. You can also download event gamification applications that make online conference registration more fun. To keep your attendees engaged during your conference, consider using social media platforms to host games during the meeting.