Many Americans travel during the holidays. Kids often have extended breaks from school, and parents want to see distant relatives. Whether they drive or fly, travelers need a place to stay while away from home. Here are some tips to make them want to choose your vacation rental.


Curb appeal matters at all times, but maybe more so during the holidays. It is a good idea to employ landscaping services Kent to maintain the lawn, trees and plants year-round. Before the holidays, have the professionals pressure wash your home.

Once the exterior is in top shape, let the decorating begin. For an elegant look, trace the architectural lines of the house with white lights; keep it clean by keeping the cords out of sight. For a more fun, festive presentation, use flashing multicolored lights draped along the house, trees and shrubs. Line walking paths with solar-powered candy canes. Finish with a wreath on the front door.


A large home that may be shared by multiple families needs a long dining table and other nearby entertainment spaces. A large kitchen is always a plus, and during the holidays it should be stocked with kitchen ware for making huge holiday dinners. Make available at least one roasting pan, several large platters and serving trays, a stand mixer and multiple cookie sheets. Create a coffee station or beverage bar separate from the main work triangle. Remember that it is impossible to provide too many garbage bags.


Pricing depends largely on location, but it may change according to the calendar, too. If your vacation rental is in the right locale, you may be able to command a premium around the holidays. Shoppers flock to certain regional meccas before gift-giving season; other areas are known for their warm climate, nearby beaches or proximity to holiday adventures. If your property is within an hour’s drive from a ski resort, you may be able to optimize prices until the snow melts.


Many travelers only go where their furry family members are welcome. Allowing pets can create extra work for you but the additional bookings can make the work pay off. Be clear about the rules — for example, there may be areas of the house or yard that are off-limits to pets — and communicate up front. Then include a water bowl by each door and install a dog waste station in the backyard. Include a bag of dog treats in the welcome basket, and you may earn a four-legged customer for life.