You have an injury that wasn’t your fault.  Maybe you slipped and fell on ice at the supermarket.  Maybe you had an accident at work, or have been in a motor vehicle accident. 

Do you need an Injury Lawyer?  You aren’t sure and that’s okay.  Every situation is different and you probably won’t know if you need a lawyer until you speak with one.

The law can be complicated.  It is part of a lawyer’s job description to help solve complex problems and to help you to understand your rights.

In many instances, the cost of hiring a lawyer can be worthwhile.  According to the article, When do you Not need an Attorney, there are definitely times when you do need an attorney.  For example, in the following circumstances:

1. The insurance company is not acknowledging your claim;

2. You aren’t sure if a settlement offer is fair;

3. You are not sure if your claim is able to be litigated; or

4. You need help navigating the legal system.

There are also many other circumstances where an attorney can be helpful.  Dealing with legal issues can be stressful.  Don’t lose sleep over a letter or call from an insurance adjuster that may be routine or standard practice.  If you are concerned, call a lawyer and see if they can help you.  At the very least the lawyer may be able to put your mind at rest. 

It is as easy as doing a search for an Injury Lawyer near me to find a lawyer to talk to today.

You may be worried to call a lawyer because you think they will charge you just for calling.  This is usually not the case.  Many lawyers will offer a free consultation or will let you know their fees upfront.

Have the key points of your situation written down on a piece of paper, or clear in your mind before you call.  

Many lawyers will work on a contingency basis, which means they get paid a percentage of the settlement amount. If the fee structure isn’t clear, ask.  Communication with your lawyer is key. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Like all professionals, lawyers are businesspeople.  If you feel you can’t afford their fee, it may be possible to negotiate.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Contrary to popular belief, if you don’t have a case, the lawyer will let you know.  Be assured, to a lawyer, time is money.  They do not want to waste your time or theirs!

Consulting a lawyer can also be a good idea if you have received a settlement offer but have not yet signed it because you are not sure if it is fair.  It may be worth your peace of mind to have a lawyer review the agreement and offer their opinion before you sign.

There are a few reasons that lawyers are better equipped to know if a settlement is fair. Because lawyers handle settlements on a regular basis, they are able to tell whether the amount you have been offered is reasonable for the type and extent of your injuries.  Lawyers also have access to information about settlements that the general public might have difficulty locating. For example the Quantum of settlement amounts, which is a fancy way of saying the amounts given out in various similar court cases, or the amount that a specific injury may be worth. 

After consulting a lawyer, you should be able to sign a settlement agreement without worry that you are missing out.  You should also be able to answer the question for yourself, Do I need an injury lawyer?