The industrial mixer is an incredible machine. Though you may have never seen one in action personally, you almost certainly have benefited from its use in materials in dozens of industries. This manufacturing essential makes possible a whole host of products. Here are a few interesting facts about industrial mixers.


Industrial mixers range widely in size. Tiny tabletop mixers only one cubic foot in volume may be used in labs to provide even distribution of materials in a small-scale product. Enormous mixers holding up to one thousand cubic feet may be used to create large batches of products.. These machines operate with powerful motors to get even the trickiest mixing done quickly and with relative ease.


Different types of industrial mixers are available. Agitators make quick work of mixing liquids that require constant stirring. Double cone blenders allow for very gentle mixing of delicate compounds. Ribbon blenders are utilized for mixing dry materials together. Paddle mixers are used for crushing large pieces of materials or for mixing wet and dry components. This variety of mixers allows many different types of tasks to be accomplished effectively and in a timely manner.


These large-scale mixers are used to create a particular texture or achieve a uniform product. They can be utilized to create dry solid blends, such as frozen vegetable mixes, spice blends or cake mixes. They can also create sauces, spreads or dressings, ensuring that components are homogenized and smooth throughout. Industrial mixers are also used in the manufacturing process for pet food; the mixing helps contribute to the food’s irresistibly crunchy texture.


While pre-made machines help accomplish most large-scale mixing jobs, custom industrial mixers can be designed for special mixing purposes. For example, a blending tower may be designed for extra large-scale mixing in a specialized silo, or a mixing system may be created for combining and blending an entire railroad car’s contents at once. There is no job too big for these incredible machines. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to industrial mixers. 

Industrial mixers make it possible for consumers worldwide to enjoy thousands of products that we enjoy every day. This unsung hero of the manufacturing world has a hand in making essential items easy to produce inexpensively and on a large scale. From soups to sauces to baked good mixes, industrial mixers are the secret workhorse getting the job done.