Horseback riding is a fun activity that can be great exercise and also therapeutic. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy riding activities daily, from lessons to leisurely rides along a trail. While it can take some time to learn the ins and outs of the sport, horseback riding has many beneficial qualities.

Although horseback riding is an enjoyable sport, there are several costs you will incur once you fully commit to becoming a rider. The expenses involved in horseback riding include specific attire, equipment, and the price of riding itself, which can come in the form of riding lessons or potentially leasing or purchasing a horse.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to save a bit of money while still thoroughly enjoying the sport.

Purchase Attire at a Discount

The simplest way to enjoy horseback riding on a budget is to seek out sales on clothing and equipment. Brand new discount equestrian clothing is available at sporting goods stores, tack shops, and online discount websites. These places will offer you everything from brand new helmets to saddle pads at lower prices, giving you the quality of something brand new without a high cost.

Lease a Horse

If you want to own a horse but aren’t sure you want the commitment, leasing a horse is an option. If you lease a horse instead of purchasing one, you won’t have to worry about paying board at a stable or owning land to give your horse enough space. In addition, if the horse is for a child, leasing frees you from the commitment of owning a horse, which is beneficial if you think your child may not stick with the sport. 

Purchase Second-Hand Equipment 

Another option if discounted clothing and equipment aren’t available is to purchase clothing and equipment second-hand. Second-hand tack shops offer a variety of apparel and gear that’s often in like-new condition. 

You can find gloves, riding pants, riding boots, and shirts in these shops, but it’s best to avoid buying a helmet that was previously owned by another rider. Because helmets should be replaced after any hard falls, buying one without knowing its entire history could prove dangerous. 

Horseback riding can be an exciting sport that can lead to a lifetime love of horses. Whether you choose to purchase a horse or lease one, buy brand new attire and equipment or discounted, your experience riding will be an enjoyable one.