When you have kids in the home, you regularly teach them what not to touch and what to steer clear of. You explain that knives are sharp and can hurt them and that stoves are hot and can burn them. If you have guns in your house, you’re explaining how dangerous they can be. However, kids aren’t always going to listen. Curiosity often gets the best of them, and they touch exactly what they were told not to. To help avoid accidents and unnecessary injuries, it’s best to store your firearms in a way that your children won’t be able to access. 

1. Trigger Locks

Trigger locks can come in many different forms and might even come with your gun when you purchase it. A trigger shoe clamps onto the trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being used. Because of this, it’s important to only use this type of trigger lock on unloaded guns. 

Cable locks block the firearm from being able to act. It makes it so that rifles and shotguns can’t be closed. If used on semi-automatic pistols, the lock prevents the magazine from being loaded. With revolvers, the cable lock prevents the cylinder from closing by going through the barrel. You can purchase trigger locks at most stores with firearm supplies Canada.

2. Gun Cases

Gun cases come in all different shapes and sizes, and some have locks already built into them. If you have a zippered gun case, you can put a small padlock through the zipper pull. If you have a hard case, you can put a lock around the handle. When choosing this option, you want to verify that storing and transporting your gun this way is legal in your area.

The one downside to gun cases is that some are made of soft plastics and fabrics and are easily broken into. If this is your preferred choice of storage, make sure that you are taking extra steps to secure the gun, like keeping it on a high shelf in your closet. 

3. Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets are a good option if you need something easily moveable and that doesn’t cost a lot. These are good options for people who live in apartments or want their cabinet on the second floor. Gun cabinets are larger than gun cases and can store more firearms, eliminating the need to find extra space in your home. Additionally, they come with fastening hardware that allows you to attach the cabinet to the floor or wall.